Picture This (again)

This week, I’ve been a bit lax about taking photos, due to a combination of losing my phone charger yesterday and spending the last week not really doing very much. I’ve been feeling more tired than usual, probably as a result of having a cold and low platelet levels – my immune system is, obviously, not very good at warding off infections! Hopefully, normal service will resume quickly… although regarding my phone, it seems to be broken or lost more often than it’s actually functional, so perhaps that’s ‘normal service’.


One of the advantages of having moved back home is when my parents get treats in and I purloin them. Fruit and nut is one of my favourite types of chocolate, and not only because I can pretend that it counts as one of my five a day! (And a big bar like this one, even more… right?)


I’ve been keeping up with my reading this week, and even upped my target from 50 books to 130 in 2019 (for more on why, I wrote about it here: https://debbiescancerblog.wordpress.com/2019/02/07/scm-130-challenge/)

I’ll be doing another review of books in a few days, but here’s a photo of the cover of one of the ones I read this week!


On Friday, my dad and I went to the hospital because I had a physiotherapy appointment, and afterwards we went out for lunch – we went to Holy Moly Macaroni, which opened in Birmingham a few months ago but I hadn’t been to before. After lunch, I accidentally ended up buying five new books… I definitely need to work on my self-control! Before we went to the hospital though, Dad was sorting out the wheelchair with some very helpful assistance from Arya! I think she wanted to come with us – though she might well have changed her mind once she realised it would have meant getting in the car.


On Saturday, a page of temporary tattoos arrived for me in the post! Dragons, rabbits, snails, a guy with what appears to be a trumpet coming out of his arse and, most importantly, penis tree nun! I think I’ve mentioned the penis tree nun on here before, and I’m delighted that soon she’ll be adorning my body! I don’t have any actual tattoos – I have neither the pain threshold nor the commitment for one, although I have a few ideas about what I would get if I did get one, but temporary tattoos are an ideal solution! If you are also borderline obsessed with the penis tree nun, you can buy these here: https://www.birchbark.co.uk/index.php/product-category/tattoos/ – a Twitter friend makes them, and I bought a few pins from her recently.


I’m cheating with today’s photo – this was actually taken last Sunday, when for once I’d made it along to church. It was Merevale’s Candlemas service, and this is a photo taken at the end of the service of us all with our candles. I managed not to set myself, anyone else or anything on fire! I don’t think you can really make it out properly in this photo, but the stained glass window behind us is a beautiful piece of artwork.

I hope you’ve all had good weeks, and are ready for the one ahead! I have a busier week planned, with a trip to see Swan Lake and a visit from family on the cards. Tonight is also the BAFTAs, which I usually enjoy – I decided not to blog about my predictions because I haven’t seen many of the films nominated and so it didn’t really feel fair! Along with those things, I’ll be reading, hopefully doing some drawing (if inspiration strikes!) and, of course, trying to convince Arya to jump onto my lap for cuddles.

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