Picture This (another one)

Monday 11th February

Image description: cover of a book: Tom Hanks’ Uncommon Type

There’s a review of this coming up but this was one of the books I’ve read this week for my reading challenge. I’ll be posting it at the end of the month so you’ll have to wait until then to see what I think!

Tuesday 12th February

I didn’t actually get round to taking a photo on Tuesday, but I didn’t do much, apart from reading, eating and playing Age of Empires (so a fairly normal day for me!)

Wednesday 13th February

Image description: a plate with beans, crumpets and poached eggs in the shape of an owl (the food, that is, not the plate!)

I’m aware of how ridiculous this looks, but it amused me by looking like an owl! I’m not sure if it was intentional on the part of whichever one of my parents did this, but regardless, I found it amusing on a day when I was otherwise feeling a bit under the weather with a cold and a sore throat! It’s sometimes the little things.

Thursday 14th February

Image description: the latest edition of Movement, the magazine of SCM

Back in the day, I used to co-edit Movement and I’ve written for it a few times, so it is always a joy when a new issue drops through my door, especially as I still know a few of the students, recent graduates and staff members who contribute. I love that this issue comes with a colouring-in cover, although I haven’t done it yet.

Friday 15th February

Image description: another food photo, this time of a burger and sweet potato fries

On Friday we had a visit from my auntie and her husband, who live on the Isle of Wight. We took them to a nearby pub, now called the Funky Bear – it used to be called the Owl at Tamworth, despite being in neither Tamworth nor even in the same county! When it was the owl, it was decorated with paintings and models of owls, and now they have been replaced by bears, appropriately enough.

Burgers are very hard to eat delicately, especially with limited control over one hand, but it was delicious anyway, even if I did have to cut it up (which felt very wrong!) I always say when we go out for a meal that I won’t have a burger because you can get them everywhere, but that just means I never actually end up getting one!

Apologies for the bad quality of this photo!

Saturday 16th February

Image description: A photo of the programme from Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake

On Saturday, my mum and I went to Swan Lake – I wrote about it here: https://debbiescancerblog.wordpress.com/2019/02/16/swan-lake/

The post above can basically be summed up as ‘it was great!’

Sunday 17th February

Image description: a (not very good) hand drawn picture of an owl on a tree stump

I realised yesterday that I haven’t done any drawing lately, so today I’m making an attempt at doing something slightly different – although I’ve done an owl before, it was just on a small postcard shaped and sized card – this time, it’s on a much lager canvas and when I’ve finished the actual drawing, I’m going to try using my paints!

It probably won’t be today that I’ll get it painted but hopefully the finished version will be done at some point next week and then I can put the things I’ve learnt about how different it is to the drawing I’ve done before into practice.

Changing sizes has really made me realise how difficult proportions are, and smaller, more delicate features (like feet!) Practice won’t make perfect, but I’ll settle for better. And hopefully the paint can cover up some of the imperfections!

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