Plans for March

As February is almost over, sharing my plans for March sounds like a good idea to me! Doubtless other things will come along, but as it stands, it’s already looking like a fun but busy month.

The month kicks off on Friday with a trip to Oxford to visit my youngest brother – somewhat alarmingly, he’s now in his final year at university! I’m not sure what we’re going to do there but I would imagine it involving museums and good food – it’s probably still too early in the year for punting, and the chances of me actually being able to get in a punt are very slim at best! Last time I went to visit him, we went to the Spellbound exhibition at the Ashmolean, which was about witchcraft!

I’ll also be going to the theatre twice in March – both times to the Hippodrome with my mum. The first time will be to see a ballet version of Beauty and the Beast – it’s probably my second or third favourite Disney film, so I’m looking forward to it a lot and I’m very intrigued to see how it works as a ballet. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney films, although I found it very scary when I was little – I think this just shows a healthy distrust of toxic masculinity from an early age! The second time is going to be for Kinky Boots. I love musicals so I’m looking forward to this too, although it’s fairly unfamiliar to me – I might listen to the songs first. As always when going to the theatre, I’m going to attempt themed outfits – I already have a few options for Beauty and the Beast!

March is also the month that Lent starts this year, my joint favourite liturgical season with Advent. Easter comes later this year, hence the late Ash Wednesday (I would try to explain why, but unless you’re Bede, it is *very* unlikely you care and I don’t think Bede reads my blog, somehow!) Lent also means Shrove Tuesday and (hint hint, parents) that means pancakes!

In terms of medical matters, I’ll have a couple more trips to hospital, to see my consultant and to have an MRI scan in order to check what’s going on inside my head (if anything is going on there!) – hopefully I’ll be able to post another health update when those are done, but for now an update would just say that things feel pretty much the same, so I’m waiting for actual news (I’d take ‘pretty much the same’ over ‘got worse’ though!)

I’m also intending on carrying on doing the things I have been doing – reading, crafts, learning (or attempting to learn!) Swedish and if possible, going on day trips. I’d like to finish painting the canvas I’m working on, and watch some more films. I’m not getting to the cinema as often as I once did – in Glasgow I had an Unlimited card so the cost didn’t matter as much and because of being much more independent I was able to get along more often. I’ve also had a few TV shows recommended to me so I want to make a start on them too! The Umbrella Academy had me at ‘it’s got Ellen Page in it’.

Reading this back, March seems even busier than I’d realised! I feel like I don’t ‘do’ very much, especially as I’m not working, but writing this makes me feel a little bit like I am doing things, even if I can go days without leaving the house.

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