Day Out to Oxford

We’ve just got back from a day trip to Oxford to visit my little brother – although he’s not so little now, as he is in his final year and I just proofread his dissertation! I didn’t really sleep very well last night so I got quite tired, so we didn’t really do very much but Oxford is so close that it doesn’t really matter – although soon we won’t have as easy an excuse!

We started off going for lunch at Bella Italia – above is a picture of my pudding! It looks much more impressive than it actually was, but it did look very pretty!

After lunch we went to the Pitt Rivers museum – I went there with Nathan back in 2015 when I went to visit him before I was diagnosed. It’s such a cool museum, and very interestingly laid out. It also inspired a lot of thoughts about colonialism and museums. We even came up with a film plot based there!

There were quite a few very creepy skeletons and things like that – there’s a few photos above of various of the exhibits before I stopped taking photos to try and conserve my phone battery.

Just a short one today because tomorrow my mum and I are going to Beauty and the Beast, so that will be another exciting but tiring trip!

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