Brain Tumour Awareness Month

Apparently, March is Brain Tumour Awareness Month. As I’ve said, I have some issues with awareness, as I think it needs to be more specific – many of us are painfully aware as it is, though more awareness often means more funding, not to mention better and . earlier diagnoses. I had my own troubles with getting a diagnosis, and dismissed the idea of a brain tumour as ‘that’s exactly what Dr Google would say’. The NHS have been fantastic since diagnosis, but more funding and more research is so clearly necessary.

Here are a few blog posts that I have written in the past: (Brain Tumour Info Dump) – there’s some, hopefully useful, links there (The Brain Tumour Charity)

If you can, or feel the urge to, there are various ways that you can help this month. Research is vitally important, but this costs money, and support for those with brain tumours and their family, partners and friends is also important. One of my most positive experiences this year was getting along to the Young Adults meet-up run by the Brain Tumour Charity – it was good to be around people my own age going through similar things.

This month, the main thing which I’m aware of is the Big Bandana Bake, organised by the Brain Tumour Charity. I’m very tempted to make a cake in the shape of a brain…

The Bandana Bake is actually how I found out that it was Brain Tumour Awareness Month – although a quick Google said both March and October, so who knows?!



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