Health Update, Again

Here’s my last health update from December:

Three months on, I spent this morning at the hospital to get the results of my latest MRI scan and to check my bloods – and it was all good news! The tumour continues to get smaller and my platelet levels now resemble normality rather than being far too low – although they are high enough to take chemo again, I’m going to continue with the break, to give myself and my body more time to recover. I’m still on ridiculous amounts of medication (I keep making jokes about needing to start stockpiling…)

I’ve been feeling noticeably more tired, and my hearing has gone a bit odd, but generally I’m not feeling massively unwell, and despite things tiring me out I haven’t had to cancel plans or make changes. I will be having a very exciting day on Thursday so here’s hoping that continues – my dad and I are going to see the new Joni Mitchell film!

I’m currently feeling quite optimistic – I wasn’t expecting good news, especially with the break in chemo treatment, but I’m very glad to hear it!

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