Game of Thrones predictions

Next week, the final series of Game of Thrones starts! I’ve been trying to remind myself of where we’re at by rewatching the first seven series, but as I’m only midway through series two at the moment, I doubt that will actually happen. I have at least seen all the episodes at least once though, despite the last series coming out during the Italy saga of 2017…

I’ll put a spoiler warning on this post – if you aren’t up to date then proceed with caution!


So, here are some of my predictions for this final season!

The big question is who will sit on the Iron Throne? I know that one of the popular theories is Dany, Jon and Tyrion will share it, but my prediction – no one! Monarchy will be abolished and elections held across Westeros, with each of the seven kingdoms (now called republics)  having its own parliament and a moving seat of government for Westeros. My money is on Brienne.


Lady Stoneheart will be introduced – if you have read the books, you’ll know you I’m talking about. I was surprised when they didn’t bring her in but I think they might in the final season.

Tyrion will be the only Lannister to survive. Arya and Sansa will both survive, but only because they team up. Jon Snow will die, probably at the hands of Dany or one of her remaining dragons. Or just from being really boring.


The White Walkers will eventually be defeated, but only if everyone comes together in that cliched way they always do on television. There will be a very spectacular battle scene/episode and at least one unexpected person will die (please don’t be Tyrion!)

There is a high chance that none of these predictions are right at all, but it’s fun thinking about what might happen! If Westeros decides to keep the monarchy, though, I’m firmly on Team Ser Pounce for the Iron Throne.


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