Plans for May

I didn’t write a plans for April post, partly because aside from Easter, I didn’t really have any! It’s been a good month, mostly, although fatigue has been more of an issue than sometimes. How much of that is due to cancer, medication, my awful sleeping pattern or just general lethargy I’m not sure. Not having many plans for the month has meant I’ve almost finished watching the new Moominvalley series, and as I’m definitely going through a Moomin obsessive phase at the moment, this has been lovely! The new series of Game of Thrones also started this month, and so while it is only two episodes in (to the final season!) I’ve been very much enjoying it so far.


May is already looking quite busy! Most of my family seem to have birthdays next month (my dad on the 3rd May, my brother Nathan on the 11th and my mum on the 12th) – we’ll be celebrating those with a nice meal out. Nathan is going to be 21, which I still don’t really believe is either possible or allowed.

A few films I want to see get released in May – most notably, Detective Pikachu, Aladdin and Rocketman (which I thought I’d missed, but there was a trailer for it when we went to see Red Joan on Thursday). I haven’t seen all the films in the MCU but I have heard good things about Endgame, so if I have time I might go and see that, although I’m dubious that any film needs to be that long!

I have a lot of books on my to-read list, so hopefully I’ll be able to continue with that – my current read is The Salt Path, about a couple walking the South West Coast Path. I’d love to say that was one of my plans but because of mobility issues, it obviously wouldn’t be possible.

I don’t think I have any other fixed plans, but I’m hoping to take advantage of the weather (if it’s too warm, I complain a lot, but May should be alright even for me!) to visit some places, like nearby castles or zoos! If anyone has any good, accessible and preferably Midlands based recommendations, that would be great!

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