Life Lessons from Game of Thrones

There may be spoilers in this post for those who aren’t up to date with Game of Thrones, as of season 8 episode 4. If this applies to you, and spoilers bother you, please don’t read on! If you are up to date, or you aren’t/don’t watch the show but would like to read anyway, go right ahead – the post proper begins after this photo!



Women are badass

I know there has been a lot of debate, especially on Twitter, about Game of Thrones being misogynistic, and there’s definitely something in that, but I struggle to think of another TV programme that has such a wide and varied range of women, from warriors like Brienne, Arya and Lyanna Mormont, through women with a real talent for politics (Cersei, Sansa), from mothers to daughters to the Greatest of All Time, Olenna Tyrell. Most of the women are fascinating, and on the whole, they are much better and more rounded characters than the white men who dominate Westeros. My main criticism is that, in the show at least, this only goes as far as white women. #JusticeForMissandei

Dragons are badass


This is self-explanatory, really. It’s perhaps not a life lesson as such though…

A cat should rule the country

Ser Pounce for the Iron Throne! With the slight caveat (cateat?) that cats rarely do what they’re told, they are clearly in charge regardless. In the show, I think Ser Pounce (Tommen’s kitten) is meant to be dead, but as we don’t see it on screen, I don’t believe it’s true.

ser pounce img

White men are largely useless, with some exceptions

Two words – Jon Snow

jon snow

If Reins of Castermere plays at a wedding, escape

This probably doesn’t have much real life application, but I stand by it nevertheless.

You can be too honourable

Ned Stark definitely needed to be told this, multiple times and very very loudly.

If someone says they’ll tell you everything when they next see you, they will definitely die

This may just be a tv and film thing, but it is a clear warning sign!

It’s okay to say no 

So, in the latest episode, Gendry proposed to Arya, and she turned him down. She didn’t feel she had to say yes, and while they clearly have a very close bond, it felt right in the context – I just hope it isn’t followed by him turning into an incel…

Do not attempt to fight a battle just after doing the same thing hundreds of miles away – did you learn nothing from the Battle of Hastings?

So many bad battle tactics, but I’m not a military historian so I don’t feel qualified to comment. This definitely struck me though, probably intentionally as the books and the show make no secret of their ‘medieval’ inspiration.


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