Another Health Update

Seeing as I’ve just got back from the hospital, I thought it was about time for another health update! On Saturday I had an MRI scan and today’s appointment was meant to be going over those – unfortunately they weren’t able to get the contrast dye in as my veins were misbehaving once again, so my consultant only had the first half of the scan to go on. This can’t give a full picture of what’s going on, but it looks like things are continuing in the same vein as last time – that is, the tumour hasn’t shrunk, but it hasn’t grown either! I have to go back for another scan and hopefully my body will co-operate this time – I don’t like wasting other people’s time, and it’s not especially fun being poked with needles only for them not to be able to find a vein. I do at least have a very impressive bruise, for those who are weird like me and impressed by that kind of thing.

In other health news, I have also been referred to the ENT clinic for an audiology appointment – my right ear is basically not functioning (so if I seem to be ignoring you if you talk to me, I almost certainly am not and instead I just can’t hear you!) so I thought it would be wise to get it all checked out and see if they can do anything.

Otherwise, things continue much as usual!

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