Plans for June

May is almost over, and with it a month that seems to have consisted mainly of elections and bank holidays! I’ve been quite tired throughout May but I feel better today – I got out of bed much earlier than usual, so I’ll see if that catches up with me or whether it marks the start of a more sensible sleeping pattern.

So, for June I have a few exciting plans! Some are actual Plans, with dates and tickets and all that jazz, and others are more vague. We’ve recently got into the habit of going to the cinema then to Pizza Express on a Friday evening – Friday is my parents’ day off and it seems to work well! I want to see Aladdin and Toy Story 4, and potentially the new Men in Black, and Yesterday (although I suspect that all the best bits of that are in the trailer!)

As well as going to the cinema, I plan to get back into reading – a month ago I was devouring books and I’ve been doing that a lot less recently.

On the 17th June, I’ll be going to see Nick Cave at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham! I’m pretty excited already – it’s billed as an evening of talk and music, so it sounds like a very interesting evening. I often prefer gigs that do something different than just playing the latest album, and I love the Symphony Hall as a venue.

Because my life isn’t all fun and games, or gigs and films, I’ll also be having a couple of hospital trips – an audiology appointment and another scan. Hopefully this time my veins are better behaved! The bruise has almost gone from last time, but I’m expecting to get another one – albeit (hopefully!) not quite as impressive. The audiology appointment is an initial assessment and I’ve been waiting on the referral for that for a while – my friend Kirsty has been really helpful in answering questions about what might happen as she’s currently training to be an audiologist! It’s a good thing I’m no longer so scared of most medical professionals, because the hospital is becoming my second home, although I haven’t been admitted to a ward since (I think) late 2017. Take the small achievements where you can!

At the end of the month, it’s going to be Arya’s second birthday! I’ve already started looking at presents for her, and I can already tell I’m going to go over the top when she’d be just as happy with an empty box.

Finally, at the end of June it’s my friend Paul’s ordination, so I’m determined to be well enough and awake enough to go to it! He’s been working down in Cornwall as a Methodist minister for the last year and a half, and it will be lovely to see him again, as well as other friends who are also going.

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