Put the Book Back on the Shelf (9)

A Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, NK Jemisin

Although it’s now been nearly a month since I read this, I really enjoyed it. It’s fantasy, but quite different to lots of others I’ve read and I really liked the world building. The main character is really engaging (as well as being a woman!) and I thought the premise was interesting and well executed – it’s left me excited to read the rest of the series.

The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

This was a beautiful book – the photo doesn’t really do it justice. It didn’t feel as long as it looked either, because the typesetting seemed bigger than average (useful when I was trying to get back into reading and don’t have the best eyesight!)

While I found some of the dialogue a bit clunky, I generally really enjoyed this and was sorry to finish it and leave the world that had been created. I liked some of the characters more than others – my favourites were probably Poppet and Celia whereas there were some I just couldn’t believe in (for example, Marco just didn’t seem real in the way some of the others did, though that might have been the slight Hunger Games similarity I picked up on)

Egfroth of Lindisfarne, Kate Tristam

When I saw this in the Southwell Minster shop, I knew immediately that I had to buy it – cats and monks/nuns are my brand, so the two combined was bound to be a hit. It’s quite a short book, and it’s fairly didactic – there isn’t much to it apart from what’s in Bede’s Ecclesiastical History, and the characters serve more as a function to deliver that rather than being fully fleshed out in their own right. I enjoyed the mentions of Hild, though, and I’d definitely recommend it to people with a passing interest in Northumbrian history. And did I mention the cats?

A lot of it revolved around Cuthbert, so above is a photo of my bear Cuthbert, which I believe was bought from Lindisfarne!

The Memory Shop, Ella Griffin

This book was a little mixed for me – there were some points I was almost bored by it and other bits which were absolutely gripping. Because it drops you right in, I found a lot of it didn’t have the emotional punch that I think was intended – I felt like I was being told to feel things that I didn’t, rather than it being a natural process. Other bits were fantastic though, and I loved the concept of the memory shop. It was mostly engaging and well written, and definitely one that got better as it went along.

Reading Challenge: 71/130

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