The Cat with the Cream

This week, mum and dad are off to the Birmingham clergy conference so my brother Dave, our kitten Arya and I are finding ways to entertain ourselves! Today, the present I bought Arya for her second birthday (at the end of June) arrived so we spent the afternoon building it.

By we, I really mean Dave, who did a fantastic job! Arya is now sitting in her new cat tree and watching Pointless – she seems to really like it, so money well spent!

At the moment it’s in the middle of the living room, but it will probably get moved so it’ll be closer to the window. That is, if we can ever persuade her down from her perch!

I’m glad that it arrived so quickly and that she seems to like it! Dave building it and me paying for it and Arya playing with it seemed like a fair division of labour to me (though I think he might have drawn the short straw!)

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