Plans for July

On Monday, it will be the 1st July – I can’t really believe we’re about halfway through the year! Recently time seems like it has been passing very strangely – each individual day seems to go by so slowly, but it doesn’t feel like enough time has gone by since Christmas for it to be almost July!

July is going to be made up of lots of things, some of which are more exciting than others. There’ll be a hospital appointment (which hopefully won’t have to be repeated as my last MRI scan actually worked – my veins behaved for once!) and hopefully, lots of reading. I currently have at least three piles of books on the table next to me and I need to work my way through those before I buy any new ones!

In May, I bought two tickets for mum and myself to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat when it comes to the Hippodrome, so we’ll be going to see that in a couple of weeks. It’s not a musical I’ve seen before so I’m quite excited for a new experience.

A friend of mine is also in a performance of the Winter’s Tale, which is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays. I’m hoping to be able to go along, though I still need to research accessibility and practicalities! If anyone else is interested, the link is here:

Obviously the thing I’m most excited for this coming month (and let’s not lie, one of my highlights of 2019) is the release of the ‘live action’ Lion King. The Lion King is one of my favourite Disney films and I have high hopes for the remake – so far I’ve found the live action remakes variable (from Beauty and the Beast, which I loved, to the Jungle Book, which I didn’t) so here’s hoping this is more like the former than the latter!

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