Put the Book Back on the Shelf (11)

Macbeth, Jo Nesbo

I really didn’t enjoy this book – I think the genre just isn’t for me. A retelling of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, I read it because it was the only one of the Hogarth modernisations of Shakespeare I had left to read. Set in a Scottish police unit, I found it very male-dominated even taking into account the source material and I couldn’t finish it. It was also much longer than I think it needed to be.

Florida, Lauren Groff

I enjoyed this collection of short stories a lot – I’ve never been to Florida, and despite that, many of the stories were so evocative that I can almost imagine that I have. It hasn’t had the same lasting impact on me as some of the books I’ve read this year have, but it is beautifully written.

Good Omens, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

This arrived on the same day as I finished watching the Amazon Prime series – I wrote a review of that which hopefully will appear in the next issue of Movement, the magazine of the Student Christian Movement. My reactions to the book were broadly similar. It’s well written and the characters are so engaging, especially Crowley and Aziraphale. I laughed and I cried and sometimes I did a very unattractive mixture of the two.

The Good Immigrant, various authors

This was really eye opening and from very refreshing and different perspectives. It’s a collection of essays from various different people of colour, all with different stories to tell. My ‘favourite’ chapter (insofar as you can have favourites) was probably the one by Riz Ahmed (known to me as ‘the dude from Star Wars’ but to others probably for his role in Four Lions).

Reading progress: 81/130

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