Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Yesterday (Friday 13th July) I took mum for her belated birthday present – going to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Hippodrome in Birmingham. This was the first time I had to book accessible tickets myself, and although I had to phone up (I’m really not a fan of phone calls, I’d generally much rather book stuff online!) the guy I spoke to was very nice and very helpful.

The performance itself was … interesting. I think I really enjoyed it, although I do wish that things wouldn’t use as much strobe lighting as it can cause seizures or panic attacks (this is by no means just a criticism of Joseph though!) I spent much of the show torn between utter confusion – why was Pharoah Elvis? Why were Joseph’s brothers cowboys? Why were there cheerleaders? How long is ‘Any Dream Will Do?’ going to be stuck in my head? – and utter delight. I loved the coat of many colours, especially when it was made to look like a rainbow flag – I was reminded of listening to Peterson Toscano, a queer theologian, when I was about 16, and him referring to it as Joseph’s princess dress.

Basically I had a really good time, and a lovely meal afterwards at a nearby Italian restaurant. The only issue I had with the evening was that the pub we went to between the show and the meal has an ‘accessible’ toilet which wasn’t actually big enough for my chair…. so not very accessible!

Otherwise though, it was a great day, and it gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my very colourful dungarees from Lucy & Yak!

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