Plans for August

It’s almost the end of July so I’m beginning to turn my thoughts towards August – I have a combination of fixed plans and vague things I’d like to do. Balancing between those two can be a bit tricky – if I try to do too much, it makes me feel quite lethargic, and I don’t like pulling out of plans but it can be hard to make them too much in advance.

The main fixed point is a trip to Manchester at the weekend! It’s for an SCM event and I’m really looking forward to it. Although it’s only a day event, we’ll be going up the night before to make things easier (Also this means I get to have the greatest thing ever, a hotel breakfast)

I’m also hoping to get along to see Blinded by the Light, as I sat through most of the trailer for it open mouthed with excitement – I think it’s released on the 9th August. I’m also going to finish watching Stranger Things – I’m currently four episodes in to the latest series. I’m only one episode in with the new OITNB but it really didn’t do it for me so I haven’t decided yet whether to stick with it. There’s a few other tv shows and films I’m interested in seeing as well, so I might take advantage of the fact that our main summer holiday isn’t until September to watch all the things!

Apart from that, the only other plan I have at the moment involves my baby brother and his girlfriend returning from travelling, so I’ll make them show me all of their photos – they’ve been to various different countries in SE Asia so I am fully expecting lots of orangutans. (Hint: Nathan, if you’re reading this – Arya would like a baby orangutan to play with if you can get it past airport security)

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