A Sketch a Day

While half asleep the other night, I accidentally bought a ‘Sketch a Day’ notebook – it arrived yesterday and I started using it today!

I was never very good at Art – along with PE it was my worst subject at school. Most of my issue is co-ordination, which never made either easy! At the beginning of the year I started to get quite into drawing but then I got out of the habit.

Speaking of habits, this is my first drawing in my new sketchbook!

It’s my monk bear, Cuthbert! It’s recognisable as him (according to my family, anyway!) although I think it looks more like a hoody than a habit! Ideally his ears would be a bit higher up and his cross would be smaller but I’m not complaining! Here’s the photo I used as a guide, taken at an event I went to in Manchester last weekend:

I obviously haven’t coloured this one in yet – I might need to invest in some high quality colouring pencils in the right shade.

I’m writing this post mostly as an attempt at accountability – I’d like to keep doing this as long as I can, and it’s a good excuse to trawl the Paperchase and Hobbycraft websites. If anyone has any suggestions for things I can draw, please tell me, otherwise there will just be lots and lots of cats!

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