Plans for September

Another month almost over and so a new one looms! August has been a fairly quiet month – for me, at least. Both my brothers have got new jobs in different parts of the country, and one has left for Torbay and the other is going to Sheffield tomorrow, so this month has been quite hectic for them and for my dad, who has been ferrying them up and down. Tonight, we’ll be going to one of my favourite restaurants to celebrate Nathan’s new job!

So, September! As well as the usual reading and watching television and films, I’ll be going on holiday! We have two weeks booked at a cottage near Norwich – the change of scene should do me good and I’m looking forward to seeing everything Julian related. I’ve already asked on Facebook and Twitter if anyone has any recommendations for things to see and do but would welcome more!

I’ve also got plans to go to a quiz; I feel like I spend a lot of my time at the moment watching quiz shows but at least now I can pretend that’s practice (also my excuse for accidentally buying the board game of Who Dares Wins…)

As well as going to the quiz, I’m hoping to get along to a service in the ruins of Merevale Abbey – it’s an annual event although I think I’ve only been to it twice. It’s a lovely service and I’m hoping to use the beautiful surroundings as motivation to get back into photography. We found my camera recently, which I hadn’t used in two years, so expect lots of photos that aren’t just phone selfies or cat photos!

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