Yesterday, we got home from two (mostly) lovely weeks in North Norfolk. A slightly ranty post about accessibility (which can mostly be summed up as me talking about how much I hate gravel) will follow shortly! For now though, I’ll just mention the highlights of the holiday, of which there were many – although I’m glad to be reunited with Arya and with my own bed! I was glad to be well enough to be able to go out and do things most days, even if it was tiring and I’m definitely paying for it now – I’m still in bed and it’s long gone 1!

Amazona Zoo – this is a relatively small zoo, although I grew up going to Paignton Zoo which is huge, but a lovely one. I especially enjoyed the jaguar! It was also nice to use my camera for the first time in about two years.

Holt – the main thing about Holt was the incredibly posh food shop they had there! It was almost good enough to make us want to drive all the way there to get Christmas presents in December ..

Food – one of the lovely things about holidays is getting to try lots of new restaurants. My favourite was the one we went to on the final night, where I had the absolutely gorgeous steak pictured above – I’m sometimes a fairly unadventurous eater and I’ve got a lot pickier but that was absolutely lovely. We also met up with my godmother and her husband for a very nice lunch – it was the first time in years that I’ve seen her but they were in the area.

Norwich – obviously, this basically turned into Julian of Norwich World for me! I even took Julian and Cuthbert with me and Cuthbert got a photo at the altar in St Julian’s.

Here are some more photos from our holiday!

Finally, here is the newest addition to my rapidly expanding collection of cuddly toys – meet Bolt the Cheetah! So far he has avoided being ripped apart by Arya and ripping apart Cuthbert!

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