Health Update

Just a short post from me today!

After last week’s MRI scan, today I saw my oncologist who told me that the tumour has continued to shrink! It’s good news, from an appointment I always go to convinced that the results will show the worst possible outcome. I’m not quite sure why it’s shrinking as I’m not really doing very much, and my doctors seem just as bemused, but I’m certainly not complaining! And, as I said after the appointment, ‘like Shakira’s hips, these scans don’t lie’. (I thought it was funny anyway!)

After the appointment, we went into town and had a lovely meal. I may also have spent far too much money in Foyles… But you can never have too many books, right?

We’re now home, and watching Pointless on the iPlayer – it’s our second episode, so if you recognised me on it, well done to you!

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