One Day More

Tomorrow (the 12th December) is going to be a general election here in the UK, assuming that Boris Johnson doesn’t escape into any more fridges. I’m fairly pessimistic about the likely outcome – I can’t envisage a situation where the Tories don’t win, or aren’t in a position to form a government. I fear what will happen to schools, to the NHS, to the global climate, to immigration. Since the election was officially announced I’ve tried to avoid the news as much as I can – while I’d like to be informed, there’s just so much going around that really increases election anxiety, and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

I’d like to be able to stay up and watch the results come in, but inevitably I’ll fall asleep around 4am, so my current plan is to get a duvet, have lots of snacks and try to persuade Arya that she wants cuddles – I think we’ll all be in need of them! This plan could change if I end up being hospitalised again (if I do, I’ve investigated emergency proxy voting just in case – remember that the procedure does exist if you need it!) but hopefully it won’t come to that.

I turned 18 at the end of 2009, so in the last decade I’ve voted in 3 general elections (4 tomorrow), 2 Scottish Parliament elections, 3 referendums/a, 2 European elections and countless council elections. (I think that’s right, apologies if I have forgotten any!) That’s an average of over one a year, and so no wonder that election fatigue sets in.

When tomorrow gets here, please vote if you can, and please use your vote wisely. Your interpretation of this may be different from mine and you may have other priorities, and I think most people have made up their minds by now so this isn’t a campaigning post as such. Also election fatigue is definitely a thing, particularly for people who are already marginalised and vulnerable, so be kind to yourself and to others.

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