New Year’s Resolutions 2020

I’m always very bad at coming up with New Year’s resolutions, and even worse at sticking to them! These were mine last year –

None of them were particularly inventive but I think I managed them all! Next year’s resolutions are probably going to be fairly similar – once again, my number one aim is ‘survive’, which by now kind of goes without saying but I feel it’s worth putting on the list anyway.

I upped my target from 50 to 130 books for 2019, and as of today I’m on 125, so although I have missed it, it’s only just! This year, my aim is to read 52 books, so an average of one a week. This sounds doable, particularly in comparison to 130! I got a Waterstones gift card for Christmas so I’ve ordered a few books online to get me started! (Yes, I know I have a lot of unread books, but you can never have too many, right?)

I’m also hoping to be well enough to go on holiday this year, although we haven’t decided where yet. It’s obviously made a lot more complicated by Brexit, travel insurance and my general lack of mobility but wherever we go should be fun! As well as that, I’m planning on going to the Harry Potter studios, as tickets to that were a Christmas present. Neither of these are resolutions as such but they are plans and things to look forward to! I’m also keen to see the Book of Mormon when it comes to Birmingham in 2020!

I plan to continue attempting to do crafts – I bought some fabric paint and some tote bags and I’m determined to actually do that! (If, of course, I can remember where I put them…)

The final resolution is to spend less time messing about online, and endlessly scrolling through Twitter or playing endless games of Age of Empires, and more time reading or doing things, going to new places, and seeing friends when I can.


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