Review of the Year, 2019

Happy New Year’s Eve! In a few hours, it’ll be New Year. This has been a fairly mixed one even by my standards, and I suspect that 2020 will be similarly eventful.

So, personally, things continue much as they have done – I was only admitted to hospital once this year, and almost managed no admissions, and so that’s probably my main achievement of the year. I’ve been pretty rubbish at keeping in touch with people, but I’ve managed to do a few things, and have fairly regular trips to the cinema as well as some to the theatre, and read a lot. We also made it to Norfolk for a lovely holiday in September! Of course there have been plenty of low points too, but I’m trying (often unsuccessfully) to focus on the good things rather than the bad. Once again, my personal highlight is my gorgeous kitten, Arya, who is now the proud owner of an indoor cat tree and a cat Death Star!

I’m often quite bad at remembering what year films etc come out, so apologies if I’ve left anything out, or included anything released earlier than 2019!

Album of the Year

I’m going to give this as a joint prize to Vampire Weekend and the National, with special mentions to Bruce Springsteen and Karine Polwart. There are a lot of albums I haven’t listened to, and I’m open to suggestions and ideas!

Film of the Year

Last weekend I went to the cinema twice, which isn’t something I’ve done since being diagnosed. I saw Little Women on Saturday and Frozen 2 on Sunday, and at the moment those are two of my favourite new releases I’ve seen. This might be due to my favourite thing being the last thing I’ve seen – the last film I saw was Paddington 2 as it was on TV today.  Other favourites included Toy Story 4, which was much better than I expected and felt like a real continuation of the story rather than *just* a money making opportunity. I also really loved the Favourite – in fact, it was probably my favourite film of the year! It’s provided us with lots of jokes and quotes for when I’m in my wheelchair. There were other films I also enjoyed, notably Fisherman’s Friends. I liked the new Star Wars but it had too much retconning of the Last Jedi to make it onto my shortlist for favourite film of the year.

Book of the Year

I’ll cheat for this one and just repost this link:

I’m about to start reading Girl, Woman, Other, and from what I’ve heard of it, that might end up as my book of the year!



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