Review – Brain Tumour Journal by Claire Bullimore

Note: this review is based on a PDF version of the book which Claire provided to me for free in exchange for writing this review. You can purchase the book here:

Brain Tumour Recovery Journal

Claire also tweets and runs a Facebook group for ‘Brain Tumour Bloggers’, as ‘Auntie M’ – I’ve found both very helpful, as a way to ‘meet’ other people in a similar situation and as a reminder that I’m not the only one in a similar situation.

Facebook group:

Twitter: @BrainTumorAunty


So, the journal! I’ve always been quite bad at keeping journals and the like, but this one has lots of useful prompts – plans for the day, medication reminders, hospital details and appointments etc. It’s particularly helpful having all that information in one place – at the moment I keep that information on my phone, or in a file, or just in my head. It’s also refreshing to have something specifically tailored to people with brain tumours, so while this isn’t revolutionary, it does seem very useful. For me, the most helpful section is the ‘things I want to achieve’ bit – I can’t work and so it’s quite easy just to spend days not doing anything apart from playing on my phone, and going from being a fairly busy person to that has been difficult, but making plans and thinking about what I want to do is good (for me, anyway!) and it helps having a place I can write it down. Partly that way I won’t forget and partly it helps hold me slightly more accountable for what I do and don’t do.

My only criticism of it would be that the journal would only last for a month (I now have an appointment with my oncologist every 3 months so ideally I’d be able to plan things further ahead) but this is a very minor quibble with what is otherwise a very useful resource.

Finally, I know they say not to judge a book by its cover but this is clearly wrong, and the cover here is a lovely one!

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