Health Update

I have just got home from my hospital appointment and, according to my latest MRI scan, things are continuing in much the same direction! I’ve been feeling pretty tired and was in hospital with a virus in December so I wasn’t necessarily expecting good news, but once again the tumour hasn’t grown!

It was particularly good news to get today as this was my first appointment for a long time with my original oncologist, who has been on maternity leave! When I had my last appointment with her, I don’t think anyone expected I would make it to this one.

This means I can focus on a few plans I have, most notably the coffee morning I’m trying to organise for the Brain Tumour Charity! I’m also trying to read, write and draw, although as anyone who has seen my drawing efforts will know, I’m not very good!

Here are the links for the coffee morning:

I started inviting people to the Facebook event but I have apparently invited too many of you, so it won’t let me invite anymore, but everyone is welcome!

2 Thoughts

  1. Yay for no tumor growth! I love the kitten and agree 100% with you and Mr Rodgers on the drawing stuff. No biggie if it’s not your thing, but if you ever feel like doing a collaborative Zentangle (I start one, mail it to you, you finish it however you like), DM me on Twitter and we can exchange addresses. Could be fun. 🙂


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