Plans for February!

Mostly to distract myself from ‘Brexit Day’, I’ve started thinking about my plans for next month. I plan to continue reading, planning my coffee and cake morning for the Brain Tumour Charity and doing my physio exercises. This basically involves standing without support for increasing periods of time – my plan was to reach 5 minutes by the end of March but I’m already on over 3 minutes and it’s not even February yet! The aim is to build up my muscle strength and resemble Bambi on ice a little bit less.

Many of my plans involve food! On Sunday I’ll be going to the annual church choir lunch at a nearby pub (those of you who have heard me ‘sing’, don’t worry – I haven’t joined the choir, I’m just gatecrashing) and at the end of the month I’ll be going to a pancake party!

Last week we went into town to the Hippodrome (one of the theatres in Birmingham) and bought tickets to a few shows, starting with Matthew Bourne’s version of the ballet ‘The Red Shoes’ – I sometimes find ballets a bit hard to follow but I’ve seen and enjoyed a few in the last few years.

The day after that, I’m off to Coventry to attend the 130th anniversary service of SCM – I’m looking forward to it and it’ll be nice to see good friends again.

That’s all I have in my diary (if I’ve agreed to anything else please let me know because I’ve probably forgotten!) so I’ll close the blog post for today with a reminder that next week is World Cancer Day – I got the wristband pictures below from the Cancer Research website.

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