This Weekend

Blogging is often quite difficult to do – getting the balance right between honesty and oversharing isn’t always easy. I know I can be very guilty of omitting some of the less palatable parts of my experiences. Part of this is deliberate and part of it is that I know there’s things no one wants to hear about. I also don’t want to unnecessarily scare or worry people.

This weekend was all planned out to be a really good one – on Friday I went to the ballet at the Hippodrome with my parents. Unfortunately, I started feeling very unwell midway through the first half and we had to leave at the interval. Being fairly socially awkward, I always worry when I have to do things like that – I worry that people will think I’m being rude, or that I’m not enjoying it. In reality, probably no one noticed but these things remain true in my head. It was actually a good ballet – I’m not sure that I understood it all, but it looked beautiful. I think it’s kind of like watching a film in a language you don’t know with no subtitles or dubbing. The lighting in particular was utterly beautiful.

On Saturday, I was meant to go to Coventry cathedral (one of my favourite cathedrals, though that probably is a fairly uncontroversial opinion!) for the SCM 130 years anniversary service. I still wasn’t feeling great and after having to bail the night before, I felt it was safest to just stay home. I was sad to miss the service and to miss out on seeing some of my closest friends, but very grateful to people for live tweeting it!

Finally, today was scheduled as a rest day, but I ended up going to the emergency dentist because this morning I realised I have an abcess. I really hate the dentist, so much so that I haven’t been in years – the last time I went, the dentist said something along the lines of ‘if you don’t stop shaking, I’ll cut your tongue off’, which wasn’t particularly helpful… This dentist was very nice though and I have antibiotics, so although I’m still in pain, progress is definitely being made.

I was hoping this would be a ‘look at all the cool things I’m doing’ post, but alas no! Here’s hoping my next planned trips are more successful!

One thought

  1. Sending love – what disappointment and then the dentist!!!! (with a glare at your previous dentist). You looked after yourself tho and that is the best thing.


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