Put the Book Back on the Shelf

My aim for this year is to read 52 books, an average of one a week. That means by the end of February, which is fast approaching, I should be finishing my eighth book. As things stand, I’m midway through the 11th one! There’s been a few which I wasn’t enjoying so didn’t manage to finish, and because I have been quite unwell recently I haven’t felt much like reading, but today I do so I’ve started again!

The book I’m reading at the moment is a Scots version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – I’m enjoying it, and very grateful to my friend for sending me a wee care package containing it (alongside sweets and a card, pictured below!) I haven’t seen this friend in a long time but it was lovely to be thought of.

So far, I think the best book I’ve read this year is ‘I love the Bones of You’, a memoir by Christopher Eccleston.

‘Memoir’ doesn’t really do it justice as it’s really a very profound reflection on the nature of his relationship with his father. He deals with ideas of masculinity in a rare and thoughtful way, and his openness and honesty about his struggles with anorexia are both fascinating and heartbreaking to read. It definitely carries a content warning for eating disorders, though.

My other favourite book of the year so far is Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo – it won (jointly with Atwood’s The Testaments) the Man Booker Prize, so I was worried it might not live up to the hype but I found it unputdownable, although I don’t remember all that much about it now.

I have confirmed to myself that I don’t like James Joyce – a few years ago I tried to read Ullyses, and just got very frustrated and gave up having not managed to get into it. I tried again but had a very similar experience with Dubliners. I don’t think I actually managed to finish it – I’m sure there are people who love it but I am very much not one of them.

My own attempt at writing a book is going very slowly, and partly as a result of being ill and partly because of finding it hard to find inspiration or motivation for it, I haven’t really made any progress recently. For now though, back to reading!

Reading progress: 10/52

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