Plans for March

Hopefully my plans for March are more successful than the things I intended to do in February, which ended up being a far more medical month than planned and I had to pull out of a few things because I wasn’t feeling well enough. I was most sad to miss out on the 130th anniversary service for SCM!

In March then, my main plan is just to get through the month without feeling overly unwell. I do have a few other plans too! My auntie is coming to visit from the Isle of Wight for a day at the beginning of the month. I’ll also be attending part of the SCM National Gathering, which is in Kidderminster this year. I’m only going for the Saturday instead of the whole weekend, but the programme looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing friends again.

I’ll also be hosting a Big Bake for the Brain Tumour Charity. I’ve blogged about it here:

Please do come along if you can; I’d also appreciate any donations of cakes or things for the raffle, and if you live too far away or can’t make it, the link for online donations is here:

For Christmas, my parents gave me tickets to the Harry Potter studios and in a couple of weeks we’ll be going there! I’m pretty excited, and will obviously be wearing Harry Potter themed clothes. Expect a fuller blog post once I’ve actually been!

Finally, we also have tickets to see the Book of Mormon at the Birmingham Hippodrome, which I’m looking forward to a lot, as I’ve heard lots of very good things about it and as soon as they announced it would be coming to Birmingham, I really wanted to go. Hopefully it will be slightly more successful than my last attempt to go to the Hippodrome…

I think those are all my plans for March, although other things might well come up. I’m trying to get better at pacing myself and not getting more unwell by doing too much, but I also don’t want to ‘waste’ good days. The usual pattern of reading etc will continue!

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