The Brain Tumour Charity

Although I’ll be keeping the link for online donations open until the end of the month, so far I’ve managed to raise £605, including online donations and cash ones on the day! This is far more than I expected so a huge thank you to everyone who donated, especially considering everything else that’s going on at the moment.

I had a lovely time – it was great to see some old friends, and another thank you to everyone who volunteered, brought along cake and donated raffle prizes. I wanted to win a few of them myself! (Sadly I didn’t despite my best efforts!)

I also managed not to buy any books, though considering that many of them were donated by me and the book sale was really because I have too many books to fit on my bookshelves, buying them might have defeated the purpose slightly!

(Permission obtained from all people featured in photos)

The link for further donations is:

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