“I was just driving to test my eyesight”

I thought I would post this on my blog – it is my email to my MP which I sent earlier today.


Dear Mr Tracey,
I’m emailing you as one of your constituents to ask a few questions about the actions of Dominic Cummings in the last few weeks. I am not a Conservative voter or member, but you were elected in order to serve all those in your constituency regardless of voting intention or history. This is not a question of party allegiances, but primarily one of public safety. I am very angry not only at the course of action Mr Cummings chose to take but also at his feeble attempt to justify what he did and at various senior Conservative MPs defending his actions, most notably, Michael Gove and our Prime Minister himself, Boris Johnson.

I appreciate that Cummings was in a difficult position, but so are many people in the country, who find themselves unable to attend funerals, go on long awaited holidays, get married or even see family members on their deathbeds. When other people have been diligently following the rules (and in some cases, facing harsh penalties when those rules are broken), for Cummings to simply act like he is above the law is an insult. The likely damage caused to the country by these actions will be high, and directly cause an increase in the (already too high) death toll and an extension of social distancing measures.
I am particularly angry about this because it goes directly against an argument you were personally pushing in the debate about whether or not to remain in the EU – you and your colleagues argued that we should not be led by unelected bureaucrats – what is Cummings if not an unelected bureaucrat? I have long been worried about the power he seems to exert over the government, and the cabinet and Prime Minister in particular – these are unprecedented times.
I have a few questions which I would be grateful if you answered:
1) What is your opinion of Cummings’ actions?

2) Should he resign (or be made to resign)?

3) Both Cummings and Johnson have denied that they discussed the trip; to what extent is Johnson also culpable?
Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply,

*name and address*

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