A Lockdown Outing

I’m now back from hospital, and feeling very tired but otherwise much better. I can keep food, drink and medication down, and I’m reunited with Arya!

Fortunately it doesn’t look like anything too serious is wrong (or nothing newly serious anyway, I still have brain cancer) – the vomiting was probably caused by a change in medication, and once that was changed back, I quickly recovered enough to be allowed home.

The new information is that I have a small clot on my lungs, but despite panicking a lot at first, I have been reassured that it’s okay and nothing to worry about. I was pretty scared at first but the doctors were helpful. I was at a different hospital to my usual one but they all seemed really nice, particularly when I was rehospitalised very quickly after initially being discharged – initially it felt a bit like they were treating the symptoms of my illness without looking at why that was, but second time round they were much more thorough and I feel confident that they’ve looked into it all properly and I’m not going to end up back in hospital any time soon!

Tonight, I’m looking forward to a comfortable sleep in my own bed, and hopefully a quieter one, without machines (usually mine, to be honest) buzzing, or blood pressure being taken, and other things that are common in hospital but really don’t make for good recovery! Also, please everyone take care of yourselves – for one thing, you really don’t want to end up in hospital and have to be formally tested for COVID because that is not pleasant!

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