Arya’s Birthday!

Today we are celebrating Arya’s third birthday! I’m not sure precisely when her actual birthday is, but it’s round about the end of June. My social media is full of pictures of her and here’s a couple of her enjoying her presents (I think mum is spending some time this afternoon making her a birthday cake as well!)

When I was in Italy recovering from my first brain surgery, my parents said that I could have a ‘recovery kitten’ – Arya was the very much loved result! She arrived here on the same day that I was allowed home from hospital, and from the very beginning she was so full of personality. Three years on, things haven’t changed much!

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I’m not sure how I’d have coped without her – chances are, not nearly as well! I think that goes for my whole family as well, to be honest. I really missed her recently when I was in hospital and was very glad to see that she doesn’t seem to have forgotten me!

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