(CW: exercise, weight loss)

One of my aims is to try and do more physiotherapy at home – there’s a number of barriers to this, not least lockdown but I feel much safer doing things at home because I can test myself, rest as soon as I need to and there are far fewer trip hazards (unless Arya decides she wants to join in)! My two main issues are finding the motivation to do it – playing games or reading books always seems to win… – and trying not to be ridiculous and think ‘but Debbie, you can only start a new thing on the first day of the month so you have to wait until August now!’

I’m not doing this for weight loss reasons, but to try and improve my balance and stability, as well as work on my muscle definition. To try and do this, I’m doing two main things – making an Excel sheet to keep a record of what I’m doing and writing this blog as public commitment to it. Also I guess I have to actually exercise… I already walk a bit around the house and up and down the stairs with the help of a frame and a stick respectively, but my aim is that everyday I will also try

1) standing without using my frame or resting against anything

2) using my dumbells (we have three sets, so I’ll start with the smallest and, a la Goldilocks, try to work my way up)

3) I bought an exercise bike, just for my feet, a while ago but I have only used it a few times, so I want to try and get into that habit.

With all of these, I’m planning just to see where I’m at and then work my way up. I haven’t set myself targets because I feel it’s more important that I do things safely – I’m not going to be climbing Ben Nevis any time soon, but doing ten minutes of exercise without needing a nap afterwards would be fantastic!

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