You’d Better Mask Up

Today I had another MRI scan – it was a regular scheduled one rather than an emergency one. I’m now an old hand at MRIs, although this one was a little bit different because of the social distancing rules. I thought I should blog about them because I haven’t done since January 2019!

My last blog about MRIs can be found here:

I’m having MRI scans every three months, and so far, they’re showing my tumour as either having shrunk or stayed the same kind of size. I’ll get the results of this one in a week or so at my next consultation.

Obviously while in the hospital, I had to wear a mask – I think I managed to put it on the right way up for once! I didn’t have to wear it in the actual machine, as my face was covered anyway. I know some people find masks difficult (I have sympathy for some, that is, for people who have breathing difficulties, but not so much for people who refuse to wear them in risky situations just because they don’t like being told they need to) but for me, the only real issue is that they make my glasses steam up! Compared to actually getting COVID, I can easily cope with that.

Usually the hardest thing about scans is how long it takes for the injection – it’s an injection of contrast dye so that they can have two versions of the scan, one with and one without – but this time it worked on the first attempt. Considering how many times I usually have to be poked and prodded, this was very pleasing!

Because of the timing of the scan, I had brunch before we left as I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat lunch at a ‘normal’ time. Usually after a scan we would go to one of the many local pubs or restaurants on Harborne High Street but obviously that wasn’t really an option this time – hopefully by my next scan things will be a little bit more normal. I’m under instructions to continue isolating until August, so theoretically in three months from now I should be okay, although who knows what will happen. (Not me, I don’t have 2020 vision…)

And now that I’ve started making terrible jokes, I should probably just finish this blog and go back to reading my book – my current read is the new David Mitchell (author not comedian), Utopia Avenue, which so far I’m enjoying!

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