One Like = One Fact

I’ve done similar challenges before, where for every person who likes this image on Twitter, I have to reveal one fact about me.

I’m not particularly interesting so I apologise if my answers are very boring!

(Image description: black text on white background, reads ‘Let’s do this!! 1 (one) like = 1 (one) fact about me)

At time of writing, eight people have liked this, so eight facts about me!

1) I used to do cross stitch to relax, and it’s something I’d like to get back into once my hands are a bit more stable – I don’t want to accidentally stab my fingers with multiple needles but I always used to find it quite relaxing. I’m not very good at it but I liked doing simple phrases or patterns.

2) I’ve been on TV! I was on Pointless a while ago (I think our episode was first broadcast in 2018) with my mum – I’m the one in the wheelchair with the yellow cardigan and the purple wig.

3) One of my favourite places is Iona. I’ve only actually been there twice but it’s beautiful, although unlike my friends Caitlin and Vicki, I was too much of a wuss to swim in the sea!

4) My favourite festival (of those I’ve been to) is Green Man in the Brecon Beacons – it was a gorgeous weekend and a lovely location. I would love to go back but camping is probably beyond me now!

5) My favourite holiday was when I went to Stockholm alone for my 25th birthday. I was terrified of flying before but it was such a wonderful long weekend and a great way to spend my birthday – especially because it snowed!

6) A few years ago, I walked up Ben Lomond. Below is a photo of me at the summit. It was a very foggy day – I could barely see my hand in front of my face, but it was such a proud moment. I resolved to attempt to ‘bag the munros’ but then cancer happened, and my mobility means that really isn’t possible now. At least I managed one though, and I still have the memories of it!

7) I have two younger brothers – Dave is 26 and Nathan is 22. They’re pretty decent really!

This is one of my favourite photos of us because we all look utterly adorable. I think we’re 7, 1 and 5 here, though in not quite sure.

8) I graduated (for the first time) from Glasgow in 2014, after spending four years learning so much about history and about myself. It wasn’t always easy and it wasn’t always fun, but most of the time, I had a brilliant experience and got to do so many things I never would have thought possible.

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