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Today (or yesterday, as it’s almost midnight already!) I ‘went’ to Home, the second year that SCM (the Student Christian Movement) have run their event for LGBTQ+ students and recent graduates. Last year it was in Manchester but obviously this year it happened online, via Zoom.

This was my outfit for the event! The top says cute queers club, and so felt very appropriate!

I’m not going to say anything about the content as such – it’s important that events like this remain safe spaces and that attendees feel they can be as open as they feel comfortable being – but I’m so glad that the team went ahead with it. As I’ve said many times, SCM has been incredibly important to me and though my relationship with it has changed it has been such a source of friendship, challenge, learning and growth. Doing things over Zoom still feels odd, but it was great to ‘see’ some old friends – if it had been an in-person event I probably would have had to miss out on it, even if it weren’t for covid. Despite minor technological hiccups on my end like the internet cutting out and me spilling a drink over my laptop (fortunately it doesn’t seem to have destroyed it!) I had a really good day.

This was my set up for the day – biscuits, tea (from my SCM mug), origami paper, notebook, pen and, of course, my laptop. The origami was a bit of a disaster but it’s never been a skill of mine!

My nails were meant to be painted in bi pride colours but the blue I used was too light so they ended up looking like a cross between the bi and pan flags – or the Aston Villa colours, according to my dad (I reassured him that I’m not a secret Villa supporter!)

At last year’s event I took Cuthbert and even gave him a pronoun badge – I forgot to wear my own badge today, although it must be somewhere! When I was in the George Eliot hospital, the pronoun badge proved a really useful conversation opener with a couple of nurses about LGBTQ+ things so I should wear mine more often really – at least once I can leave the house again!

It was also really good to hear the book pictured below mentioned – I read the Book of Queer Prophets recently and found it really interesting. It’s a collection of essays on sexuality and religion and how they intersect.

I know that for many people, spending your Saturday listening to people talk about religion and sexuality isn’t going to be top of the list but for me, it has inspired some thoughts about community and belonging which I hadn’t ever really been able to articulate before. I’m still not sure they’re fully formed but they are a work in progress at least!

Now that it’s gone midnight and I’ve been awake since about 6.30 after not getting much sleep last night, I should stop typing and actually try to go to sleep. I’m planning to write another blog post on Monday, because that marks my three year tumourversary!

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  1. Debbie, having followed your blog for some time I always find it challenging and inspirational. Like you I have been in lock down since March and I am doing Reader Training by Zoom. I have met both your parents but never you (though I did see you on one of my favorite quiz programs). When I attended Queens Theological College, I described myself as Anglican with strong Evangelical and Pentecostal tendencies. Imagine my horror when on the first morning I found myself in a classroom with an ex Roman Catholic Priest who was openly gay fortunately I hear him preach soon after and recognized the Holy Spirit in his words. Not long after I attended the celebration for his marriage to his male partner. Strangely though I am in touch with many people I meet at Queens over the internet it is only this couple that I have meet up with. Sadly, many people judge by verses taken out of context or bias teaching. Thank you again for your wonderful blog God Bless Joan Ayre


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