Plans for August

It’s now the 31st July, just, so time for me to reflect back on the past month and to look ahead for what’s to come!

I didn’t really have many plans for July, but it ended up being a really busy month! Thanks to the internet, I was able to attend two academic conferences and an SCM event. I did plan on going to a Zoom Taize event this week but ended up being a bit tired to do that.

I also finished my 52 book challenge so I’ve now upped my target. I’m having to stop myself from buying books until I’ve finished the pile I have!

I’ve also made a start on my Three Peaks Challenge. The Brain Tumour Charity are sending me a branded t-shirt and while I wasn’t planning on getting started until the beginning of August, I decided I’d start a few days early to give myself an easier run-in. Going straight from the bare minimum of stairs to an average of 30 flights a day was going to be too difficult but I’ve now worked my way up to 20 and so 30 a day sounds much more reasonable! My just giving link is here –

My original target was £300 and I’m not far off that now, at £249.

Monday was my three year ‘tumourversary’ – I blogged about it and had cake, so a pretty decent way to spend a day! In case you can’t tell from the photo below, the cake is decorated like a brain!

The other thing I did in July was have an MRI scan and a telephone consultation with my oncologist.

I’ve been getting back into crafts – so far, this mostly involves painting papier mache animals and fruits. This is one of the completed pieces I’m most proud of!

I’ve written blog posts about many of these which you can check out if you haven’t already!

In terms of plans for August, I suspect that once again things will just suddenly appear although I do have some plans. I can stop self isolating, unless advice changes, and although I don’t intend to go to lots of things and see lots of people, I am excited to go to the local garden centre and perhaps some restaurants and things like that. One of my brothers is coming to visit which will be lovely.

I’m also continuing with reading, my Three Peaks Challenge and painting!

I have a large pile of books to read: since I took this photo, I’ve read Wicked and a Theatre for Dreamers. Today I started Persepolis, which at the moment I’m enjoying a lot. Hopefully they’ll last me a while!

In terms of painting, my plan is to work my way through these animals! I’ve made a start on the cat although I keep putting off the more fiddly parts. Trying to get Arya to model for me is proving difficult!

I also have some facemasks to make, although they involve some sewing. I used to be able to sew but it’s been a long time since I tried. If I’m successful though, I might try to get back into cross stitch! I used to really enjoy doing it, and it was one of the few things which could help me relax when I was feeling stressed. I’m now a bit concerned that I’ll just end up poking myself with needles constantly (which is also my main concern with the masks!) but fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

I very rarely wear makeup but I bought some the other day after realising that I hadn’t got new stuff for about three years so part of my plan for August involves attempting to teach myself how to use it – I am very unskilled and unpractised, but I always get envious of people who can do it well, so I’m going to try! I’ll probably give up far too quickly but it’s a plan at least! Once my hair has grown a little bit, I’m intending to dye it for the first time in over three years. Purple, of course!

I suppose my main plan for August is just to be more active – both physically but also doing things which aren’t just sleeping (although sleeping is good too, even if I’m not very good at it, perhaps evidenced by the fact that I’m writing this at midnight instead of being asleep!) Apart from what I’ve talked about here, I don’t really have any fixed plans, partly because it’s quite hard to plan when lockdown advice is constantly changing. Theoretically I’ll be able to leave the house from the beginning of August but at this point, who knows?

All I know is that I’m going to try my hardest not to be hospitalised in August! There’s one day of July left, so all being well, I haven’t been hospitalised since June and it would be quite nice were it to stay that way.

This is actually turning into a longer post than usual for me, so I’ll sign off now!

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