It’s Getting Hot in Here

Today was my first trip out (apart from to various hospitals) since March! It’s my parents’ wedding anniversary so I crashed their celebratory pub trip. I’ll be going out again on Saturday to the West Midlands Safari Park which I’m also excited about.

I used the excuses of going out and it being a special occasion to get properly dressed up and to wear makeup for the first time in ages. I took a photo before we left, which was a good idea because it was so hot that by the end of the meal is probably sweated most of it off!

The meal itself was lovely – we went to the Green Man in Middleton, which isn’t a pub I’d been to before but I really enjoyed. I recommend to anyone who lives close enough to go! We sat outside (although we were vaguely in the shade, so it wasn’t until we were in the car on the way home that I really got too hot)

It was a lot less weird than I thought it might be – I was nervous about being out in public for the first time in months, and I think if we’d been inside I probably would have found it quite nerve-wracking but especially being outside (plenty of suncream obviously) I didn’t feel anxious.

I’m now changed into an oversized t-shirt and shorts because by the time we got home I was definitely overheating, and I’m sleepy but in that very pleasant ‘I’ve eaten too much’ way. I think the most appropriate song for today is ‘Hot in Here’ which I sang while I was getting changed (although I actually only know the chorus…)

(Be proud that my nails and my tights match!)

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