Little Fictions

One of my plans for the next couple of months involves writing a few short stories and posting them up here. My initial idea is to publish them weekly on a Monday starting next week, and for each one to be about 5000 words. I can’t promise they’ll be any good, or that I’ll be able to keep them up – I have a few very basic ideas but no more than that at the moment!

If this works, which is a pretty big if, all the stories will appear here as a separate page. If it doesn’t, which is far more likely, I’ll just put them as normal blog posts with some kind of tag so that readers can see them easily without having to scroll through lots of irrelevant posts (or, if this isn’t something that interests you, it might make it easier to ignore them!)

So, from next Monday onwards, you should have something new to read! I’m not doing this to make money (unless the DWP contact me to say they aren’t giving me PIP because I’m still alive) but if you can and want to pay for them, my PayPal link is

If you want to offer any feedback on them, please do send me an email to Feedback doesn’t have to be positive but please do try to phrase it vaguely kindly!I hope these are fun to read (and for my sake, fun to write too!) – and that I don’t do my usual thing of thinking something is a great idea and then forgetting about it entirely after a couple of weeks.

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