Pride, Prejudice and Social Media

I couldn’t get to sleep last night, so I started thinking about how Jane Austen characters would use social media, after realising that I spent most of yesterday reading, doing art and being with my cat, and so basically like I’d escaped from an Austen novel.

(Image description: Arya with her paw touching a canvas picture of an owl)

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already seen these but for the benefit of those who don’t:

Elizabeth Bennet: Queen of Twitter. She would be witty and insightful, everything we all aim for when we tweet but inevitably fail.

Mrs Bennet: She would run her daughters online dating accounts – or, as a friend pointed out, the ones she knows about.

Darcy: He would say such frivolous things as social media don’t interest him, but secretly, he’d have a very emo Tumblr full of his very hidden feelings.

Lydia Bennet: She would be an influencer on Instagram and an early adopter of TikTok. She’d also have a secret Tinder her mum doesn’t know about.

Mr Collins: The only person to ever actually use LinkedIn.

Mr Bennet: Says he doesn’t understand social media but runs an account called ‘Silly Things My Wife Says’ on Twitter.

Caroline Bingley – Constantly posting selfies on Instagram, always using a filter

Wickham: A reply guy, need I say more?

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