Plans for September

Time at the moment is making no sense to me! Apparently it is September on Tuesday, and I’m not sure what it should be, but it’s not that!

I’ve been blogging quite a lot in August about what I’ve been up to – I officially stopped having to self isolate at the beginning of the month, although in practice I haven’t been out very much – just to a lovely pub for my parents’ wedding anniversary and to the West Midlands Safari Park. Both feel like they happened ages ago, but they were definitely in August. I’ve managed to see a few people – a friend came to visit and my brother Nathan was down from Sheffield for a week or so, and his girlfriend joined us for the Safari Park. I’m still a bit nervous about being around people (I’ve never been particularly good with crowds, even moreso with the risk of COVID) but it’s good for me to get out when I can and when it’s safe to do so.

In September, I mostly intend to continue doing what I have been doing – painting, reading and my Indoor Three Peaks Challenge. As usual, I don’t have many fixed plans as yet, but I’m hoping they’ll arise. It’s hard to plan when things are a bit up in the air especially in terms of whether things will be open or not!

Finishing the three peaks challenge is a priority – I’m a bit behind where I intended to be but I’m still planning on finishing in September! You can sponsor me here:

I’d love to up the fundraising target again if I can! The other day a couple of t-shirts from the Brain Tumour Charity arrived – here’s a (not very good, sorry!) photo of me wearing one of them.

Perfect to wear while ‘mountain climbing’!

I’ve been attempting a lot of art lately and I’m hoping this continues! Here are some examples of things I’ve done so far – I can’t do faces or hands at all, and so quite a lot of the things I’ve tried are quite abstract. Some of them are with paints and others are with marker pens – a couple are a combination of both!

My favourite art I’ve done so far is this one:

I’m still reading a lot – I fully intend to continue this throughout September, and according to my current target (75) I have five more books to read by the end of the year. My reading rate has dropped a little bit because I’m still quite slow when it comes to doing art so that’s taking up a fair amount of time that I might otherwise be reading.

I’ve also been writing a bit, and trying to publish fiction on this blog once a week – I hope to continue doing this even if people aren’t reading them, because it’s something I like doing for me anyway

So that’s what I’ve spent most of August doing and how I intend to spend September! Suggestions of paintings I can do/books I can read etc are, as always, very welcome.

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