(Almost) Three Years On

Tomorrow I will have had my blog for three years! Three years, 225 posts and 98861 (according to the stats) views down. This was my first post. I haven’t quite made it to 100000 yet but this isn’t bad!

I don’t think I wrote a post for the second year of the blog in 2019, but I did for the first year – you can read it here! https://debbiescancerblog.com/2018/09/13/year-of-the-blog/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

This is another fairly significant anniversary – again, it marks an ‘I’m still alive!’ moment. The last three years have been pretty well documented on here, I think, but they’ve mostly consisted of lots of hospital appointments, reading, getting into, out of and back into drawing and painting and, before COVID at least, trying to go out and to see friends as much as possible. It will definitely be nice when travelling is easier – I’m long overdue a trip up to Glasgow! Obviously though, health is a priority, my own and others – I’m not planning on going to Barnard Castle anytime soon, although I’m definitely overdue an eye test.

I think tomorrow is the last of the ‘three years on’ anniversaries – and hopefully in a year’s time I can celebrate four years. Hopefully the next year will also be slightly less strange for everyone than 2020 has been.

As always, most of the highlights of the year have been provided by the wonderful Arya, who is as beautiful as ever. I’m not sure how any of us would cope without her! This is a photo of her trying to play hide and seek with me … I think she still thinks if she can’t see me, I can’t see her!

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