Some More Art

About a month ago, I shared some photos of paintings and drawings that I’ve done. I’ve been trying to keep it up and so I thought I’d share my progress here! Some I like more than others but I’m mostly just proud of myself for trying, especially because I still have a hand tremor and I really was terrible at art in school.

The previous post was this one:

The ‘owl babies’ one remains one of my favourite things I’ve done, although I feel like I’m getting better as time goes on.

Here’s some more recent examples!

I know it is far too early to be thinking about Christmas, but I want to make cards this year and I put in an order of various Christmassy materials from Hobbycraft today with a view to doing that. If they’re good enough, I’d like to send them to people who want them. I’ve spent today practicing some Christmas designs and of course, I started with Rudolph!

One of the only times I didn’t get a D in Art was for a very similar drawing to this. That must have been in 2005 as I gave up Art as soon as I could. I do love this, even though I can see its flaws and imperfections.

I think when I painted this, it was meant to be sunflowers, although they look more like misshapen starfish! I’ve got a lot better since and looking at this I can really see that.

Recently a couple of friends’ cat sadly died and I painted this from a photo of her in her memory. She did have a nose and whiskers but they didn’t show up on the photo!

I did these paintings a while ago but only put the quotes on them more recently – I have lots more backgrounds painted ready for quotes when I can think of appropriate ones!

As you can tell, Moomins are a goldmine for quotes – I gave the whisky one to my dad and the green one to my mum. Snufkin is one of my favourite characters and this quote feels very appropriate.

I’ve learnt that drawing hands is really difficult (my brother, who is really good at art, reassured me that everyone thinks this) so cartoonish animals are currently among my favourite things to paint. I usually get the proportions a bit off, and the owl in the photo above looks unintentionally very angry, but I like these.

This is another one where the proportions are off, but I like the colours – it feels calm, which is how I felt while painting it.

I told you I like Moomins!

This whole art thing started with me painting a papier mache pineapple, and so here is a painting I did of the painted papier mache pineapple – I find this more amusing than I probably should!

I’ve tried a few different techniques and materials – which is basically a fancy way of saying that because I find it hard to carry things, I use the pens I keep next to my chair when I’m the only one in the house and the paints when I can ask for help changing the water and things like that!

I’m still slow and wobbly, and I don’t think I ever will be as talented as a lot of people, but it’s surprisingly relaxing and it’s good to feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Mr Rogers puts it best:

(Image description: Mr Rogers drawing a house. Subtitles read ‘I’m not very good at it but it doesn’t matter. It’s the fun of doing it that’s important no matter how anybody says it is. It feels good to have made something’)

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