Plans for October

2020 has been a bizarre year, as I’m sure everyone has noticed. It seems to have gone on forever but at the same time, it doesn’t feel like it’s October tomorrow!September didn’t see very much happen, although it was lovely to see some friends again, albeit via Zoom – a friend turned 30 and so she hosted a virtual birthday party. It was really lovely to see some people again! I’ll see some friends again via Zoom in October, hopefully.Most of September was, as usual, taken up with reading, drawing and painting. I’m now on my 86th book of the year – Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart which from the blurb sounds a little bit like Billy Elliot crossed with Trainspotting so I’m looking forward to getting started!My favourite read of September was probably On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous!In October, as well as reading and continuing to paint, I need to finish my Three Peaks Challenge, which I’ve fallen behind on. I’m hoping to finish soon though! I’ve been feeling very tired lately so I haven’t been up to doing as much.Tomorrow, my brother Dave is coming for a visit, which I’m looking forward to for two main reasons – firstly, if memory serves, I haven’t seen him in person in 2020 yet! Secondly, to celebrate him being back we’ll be getting a pizza takeaway from the new place that has recently opened here – we went just after it opened and I loved it so this is almost as exciting as seeing Dave.Mid month I have an optician appointment, which isn’t very exciting, but does mean I can finally get new glasses!Finally, I’m planning to make more Christmas cards! I know Christmas is still a long way away but I want to get them done early (and give myself time to mess up the first batch, which is inevitable!)

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