Today doesn’t really feel like a Saturday, although my phone assures me that it is! I feel very tired but that’s because I had a very busy day yesterday and today I am definitely paying for that! I think it’s in a good way though, and it feels nice to be very tired as the result of doing things rather than for ‘no reason’ (I know that a brain tumour is a good enough reason really)

One reason I’m tired today is that yesterday I actually left the house for the first time in ages! I think the last time was to go to the West Midlands Safari Park in August. At the moment going out is more stressful and more difficult than it was, but I had a much needed optician appointment. As suspected, my eyesight has got worse but it’s actually a relief to know that the reasons I’ve been having troubles with seeing the TV should be fixable with new glasses! It also provided me with a good excuse to get more – they’ll arrive in a week or two but here are some photos from the website.

One pair will be my ‘real’ pair and the other one my spare – I haven’t decided which way round yet!

But even better and more exciting was what we did next! Although a lot of places have had to close because of COVID, the best place in Birmingham is still open – the Kitty Café! We went there for tea and cake and, of course, kittens. I may also have got a cat face mask…

I didn’t take very many photos – I was too distracted by the cats! – but all the cats seemed really happy and well looked after. They’re in a lovely and safe environment, and the cake is really tasty too! I’ve been there once before and it was great but this time felt a lot more relaxed (partly because of social distancing) and I saw lots more cats this time. Arya wasn’t even too cross with us when we got home.

I know that doing two things in one day might not seem like much but it does feel a lot – but it also felt good to see things that weren’t just the walls of my house.

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