Books, Again

I have now reached my next target of reading 100 books in 2020! Before I update the target (it was 52, then 75, then 100 – so probably 125 next!) I thought I would say a little bit about some of my favourite reads of the last 25 books.

I’ve just finished ‘A Cheesemonger’s Guide to the British Isles’ by Ned Palmer and as it’s fresh in my mind, I’m still in the ‘best thing ever’ phase. It has made me want cheese even more than normal – I did actually have cheese as my afternoon snack while reading this. I am nothing if not predictable! It’s well written, gently funny and very readable.

Another non fiction book I’ve read lately and really enjoyed was Seb Falk’s ‘the Light Ages’ – although I’m pretty familiar with the period, I’m not a historian of science so a far chunk of it was new to me but that just made it all the more interesting. It managed to perfectly strike the balance between being academic and ‘popular history’.

In terms of fiction, I’ve enjoyed most of the books I’ve read, particularly Emma Donoghue’s The Pull of Stars and Ocean Vuong’s On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous.

My favourite this time round was Betty by Tiffany McDaniel – I bought it partly because the title makes me think of the recent Taylor Swift song and the cover is beautiful. It was one of those books which has stuck with me and I found really difficult to put down.

I’ve been trying to branch out of my comfort zone a little, and so I read Stardust Nation – I don’t often read graphic novels but I’m glad I read this! The illustrations were beautiful and the premise was interesting – it was quite expensive for something so short, but it’s a book I expect I’ll return to.

For my next ‘branching out’, I’m going to try and read more poetry – it’s not something I’ve ever really got into but I’m not sure why!

I read a few books I didn’t really like or couldn’t get into, but that probably says more about me than the books! I’m looking forward to step four of my challenge and discovering new genres and authors, although as always, I’m grateful for any suggestions!

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