Get to Know Me (again)

Image description: Cup of tea with words underneath saying: Get to know me! For every like, I will tweet a confession/fact about myself!

I’ve done this before but it’s quite fun so I figured I’d do it again when I saw it pop up on my Twitter feed. Some of the facts are on my Twitter already and some I’m trying to think of now – at the time of writing, I have 16 likes, so 16 things about me!

1. I have never been able to ride a bike, despite several people trying to teach me how.

2. I once spent an entire summer learning how to skip (in contrast, my brother was the skipping champion of our primary school)

3. I was the last person in my class at primary school to be allowed to write in pen because my handwriting was too bad. (How people didn’t look at these things and think, hmm, maybe she’s dyspraxic? I don’t know)

4. I don’t eat fish, and haven’t done since I decided not to at the aquarium in Plymouth.

5. I have been on TV! My mum and I were on Pointless in 2018.

6. If I were a Disney character, I think I would be Madame from the Aristocats – an elderly woman who lives in a house full of cats

7. If I were a Muppet, I would be Beaker (at least, according to my brothers)

8. I have spent most of 2020 trying to learn how to paint – I’ll never be an artist but there’s definitely some improvement!

9. My favourite place in Birmingham is the Kitten café – I’ve only been twice, mostly because of not leaving the house very much, but tea, cake and cats, what more could I desire?

10. My favourite place in the UK is Iona – I’ve not been for about four years, but it’s a peaceful and almost magical place.

11. My favourite place that I’ve been is Stockholm, which I talk about at every opportunity.

12. Apart from art, I spend most of my time reading or doing quizzes (less intellectual pursuits include playing far too much Age of Empires)

13. I’ve never seen the Sound of Music. People are often quite surprised to hear this.

14. I am scared of frogs.

15. My most prized possession is also my most hipster one – a signed vinyl of Tigermilk from Belle and Sebastian.

16. As anyone who follows me on any form of social media probably knows, my main obsession is Arya, my cat. She turned 3 in June and we got her as a recovery kitten when I was diagnosed with cancer.

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