I’m Still Standing

Normally at the end of the year, I’d try and do a review of the year. I know it’s not quite the end yet, but 2020 is almost over – I know it’s been a bizarre year for everyone so this may well be quite a short review as apart from reading lots of books and watching a lot of quiz shows, I haven’t really done anything to look back over!

This was my review of 2019, which either feels like last month or a decade ago. https://debbiescancerblog.com/2019/12/31/review-of-the-year-2019/

My personal highlight of the year (which feels very risky when 2021 doesn’t start until Friday) is surviving it! I don’t feel any worse than I usually do, certainly not physically. My pain levels are quite low considering, and my mobility is much the same as ever (if anything, it’s possibly improving?)

Last years resolutions mostly failed – https://debbiescancerblog.com/2019/12/30/new-years-resolutions-2020/ – although I did read a lot and continue doing lots of crafts. I did spend a lot of time online and mindlessly doomscrolling, so I wasn’t very effective at that!

We planned a holiday in Devon but had to cancel due to Covid, so while my resolution to get away failed, it wasn’t really my fault!

I’m not going to make any specific resolutions this year – partly because I didn’t actually look at mine once after I’d written them! Covid also makes planning ahead very difficult – I could make a plan to go and visit friends elsewhere in the UK, but who knows what the travel restrictions will be at any point. The vaccine brings a lot of hope but I can’t see it being possible to go anywhere non-medical in the near future.

There isn’t really all that much more to say so I’ll wrap this post up with a sincere thank you to everyone who has made this year so much better than it could have been – and a moment of gratitude for the fact that, somehow, as Elton John would say, I’m still standing (well, sitting mostly, but that wouldn’t be as good a song)!

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